Nikki Rous

Nikki started off on the stage as a dancer when she was about 5 years old. Over the course of her childhood and teenage years she travelled the dance festivals, performing at countless shows around the UK. At the age of 16, she bought her first guitar and fell into a world of diverse musical discovery. Around this time, she absorbed the musical colours of artists and bands such as Nick Drake, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Tori Amos, Skunk Ananise, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, Radiohead, PJ Harvey, Portishead, Massive attack and so many more amazing musicians that inspire her still to this day.

When she turned 17 she won a place at one of the UK’s most prestigious stage schools. During this time she began to realise that the world of “showbiz” was not for her. She was uncomfortable with the constant competition between dancers and felt that the environment was very destructive to teenagers’ self-esteem and self-body image. After a few years at stage school, she made the decision to listen to her heart and she left to pursue a career in music.

Over the years Nikki has performed alongside, and opened up shows for, artists such as Jamiroquai, Level 42, Supergrass, Miles Hunt,  Nick Harper, Jon Gomm and many more. She has graced the stages of venues and festivals up and down the country such as The Wolves Civic, The Glee Club, The Robin 2, Solfest, Nozstock and Sunrise Celebration. You can find her gigging several times a week around Shropshire and beyond. Come along and support local live music.

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