Lakhota formed in 2014 following lead singer Rob’s desire to record some original material with a full band. Rob had been gigging on the acoustic circuit in the Midlands for 5 or 6 years, performing original material on acoustic guitar, and using a loop station, with clarinet, bass and cajon. Initially joined by San Dhillon (drums) and Stu Cairns (bass), the trio started gigging around 2013. In April 2014 they were joined by Nath Kilcoyne on lead guitar, and headed over to Highbury Studio in Kings Heath to record a 7 track cassette “The Drunk.”
The mini-album featured both acoustic and electric material, with an emphasis on harmonies and vocal arrangements, and was recorded in less than 48 hours directly to tape.
Newly renamed Lakhota, the band took to the road, and Rob ditched the acoustic guitar. The new sound proved to be popular, retaining the sincerity of a solo acoustic performance whilst adding the power and grind of an electric set. This evidenced in Swallow, an electric version of the acoustic original. This version was recorded live, in one take, and released as a video on Lakhota’s YouTube channel.
The band started writing new material, and Three Into Four and Cabin Fever are the latest releases. A video for Three Into Four was released in October 2017 to coincide with the release of a certain Science-Fiction movie.
Lakhota’s self named first EP was released in February 2018 and is available on iTunes and spotify
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