“Here is a band with a fresh new alchemy of sound, interesting use of rhythmes and strong guitar motifs, passion and a big sound that you’d expect from an established band. This is a band that needs t be listened to and taken notice of. Such musical innovation is rare and few and far between”.

  • DJ Dave H, Midlands Metalheads Radio

From the opening line of Rubio’s lead single “Afterglow” it’s pretty clear that these guys want your attention. As the lead hook “string another thought to a song – make one hit, make one stick” resonates amongst the swell of guitars and driving rhythm section, the bands focus on creating music that immediately engages is clear. And although it might not seem obvious at first the technical prowess of this band will begin to emerge if you know what you’re listening for – and if you don’t, the intricacies will fall smoothly onto the envelope of delays, grooving basslines and melodic vocal.

Rubio have been making music since the beginning of 2016 and with a released single, a string of published recordings and support slots with respected international artists such as Dorje, Closure in Moscow and Freeze The Atlantic – Rubio do not plan on letting up.

The Birmingham band are born of a city rich with musical history, cultural diversity and a metropolis in renascence. This only serves as a major influence in the band’s music, live shows and energetic approach to performance. And not to mention the sheer amount of music beautiful, technical, fun or otherwise that inspire the music of Rubio.

Rubio are ambient, Rubio are progressive, Rubio are heavy.

One thing is for sure. Rubio are not content with settling for standard procedure. It is their mission to challenge what it means to be at an underground rock show, what it means to release an EP and what it is to be a band in this day.

Amongst all of the noise and saturation. Rubio intend to stand out.

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