About Us

With 26 years in the industry , Soulnation based in UK/NYC has worked alongside, iconic superstars like JayZ, Kanye, Pharrell, Jamie Foxx, GUnit, MaryJ, Missy to name a few and associations with Roca, Def, N.E.R.D, Golden Voice, 50, Empirepolo, Kix, Coachella, 40/40, lakersetc, MOBOS, Brits, Global, NME etc.

Now Soulnation has gone international to explore superb worldwide talent to explode to international levels .

Soulnation is all about real music from real people not digitally enhanced samples from yesteryear or ‘celebrity personality none talented people.

Soul music comes from the soul regardless what genre, and you cant teach, replicate or train that.

For us “music is the eyes of the soul.”

Soul education = Life information

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